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As a customer, you need to know that your roof is in good hands – and that`s why you must always hire reliable roofers when you have to replace, repair or maintain your roof, regardless its type.

However, even the best roofers can make mistakes sometimes, so having warranty is very important, as it will protect your budget by making the roofer stand behind its work and take the necessary course of action to fix what went wrong the first time.

Every reliable roofer provides workmanship warranty, which does exactly this: acts as a safeguard for customers. It typically covers one year following the completion of the roofing work, although this period may be different from contractor to contractor.

As a customer, make sure you get the chance to actually read the document and check what exactly is covered and which the limitations are. Remember that the way your roof is installed affects its function, lifespan and appearance, so when you look for one of the Dallas roofing companies, try to find one that offers workmanship warranty that covers as many common issues as possible.

Do not mistake workmanship warranty for manufacturer warranty; the latter covers defects/ failures of roofing materials due to manufacturing defects.