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Hailstorm Roofing Construction Repair Replace

The harm caused by hail can take many forms. The most common manifestations of hail damage are shattered windows, dented siding, lifted roof covering elements and torn gutters, but in many cases, the damage sustained by homes as a result of hail are not so obvious, especially the forms that affect roofs. Here are some forms of invisible hail damage:

  • Loose shingle granules – hail needs to be at least the size of a golf ball to cause severe damage, but even the smallest ice balls can dislodge the mineral granules that form the topmost layer of asphalt shingles and serve the purpose of weatherproofing the roof. When those granules are ripped off, the shingle loses its ability to stand up to harsh weather and will let water through, often without being visibly degraded;
  • Damaged metal components – metal gutters and flashing stripes are very sensitive to impact. If you don’t see any cracks or dents after the storm, look for less conspicuous forms of harm such as loose fasteners or compromised attachment;
  • Minor damage on the siding – siding panels can also sustain difficult to detect damage, usually in the form of very small punctures and cracks that can be very hard to notice. Such minor damage can turn into larger holes or cracks over time.  For any roof repair or construction that is need after a storm call Lon Smith Roofing and Construction the professionals in roofing.