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It is generally recommended to turn to a professional roofer whenever you encounter a roofing issue, but if you are comfortable working at heights and you are the owner of a large set of mechanical and electric repair tools, you will probably be able to fix a number of small-scale problems – with these DIY roofing repair tips:

  • Replacing asphalt shingles – if you notice that one or several shingles on your roof are damaged, you can easily replace them. Cut the damaged shingles with a utility knife, then pry them up using a flat bar, slip the new shingles into place and fix them with 7/8” roofing nails.  However if you need a whole roof replacement hire a Dallas roofing contractor to do the job for you.


  • Tile replacement – if you have tiles with nibs, free the nails that keep the damaged tiles in place, and then fix the new one into place with a new nail; if you have interlocking tiles, your job is even more simple.


  • Finding a leak – water can do a lot of damage to roofs, so it is a good idea to try and fix leaks the second you notice them. They usually appear around skylights, chimneys, vents and in places where there is a sharp angle in the roof, so start looking in these place first. Examine the roof very carefully because hairline cracks might escape the untrained eye. After you identify the leak source, you need to decide whether you have the tools and the knowledge necessary for the repair – if you don’t, call an expert right away.