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One of the things that reflect your business appearance is the roof, because it is probably the first detail you notice about a building.

There are several options when it comes to choosing a commercial roof: various sizes, shapes, materials and colors, depending on your budget and preferences.  Most commercial roofs are flat or low slope, which means that they require reinforcement and waterproofing layers, to add resistance, strength and stability.  A Dallas roofing contractor can give great advice for your area and building specifics.

The most common materials include:

Single-ply membrane – this is probably the most popular material used on commercial roofs, due to being affordable and reflective (energy-efficient). It comes with 20-25-year warranty.

EPDM is a type of single-ply roofing membrane that performs great on flat roofs with a positive pitch. It can be reinforced with glass fiber or other materials and has a life expectancy of 20-5 years.

TPO – this is another roofing option in the single-ply family, resistant to most chemicals, reflective and sustainable. Life expectancy is 20-25 years.

Metal – one of the most durable and resistant option, not just for residential buildings, but also for commercial ones. Life expectancy is very long (50+) and maintenance will be minimum, typically consisting in cleaning and applying an elastomeric coating, in order to prevent rust.