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Roofing Dallas TX Home Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tiles are often underrated and seen as less efficient or too heavy to install easily. Slate is seen by many as an over-expensive roofing material that might or might not be worth the cost, depending on your budget and what you expect from your new roof. Dallas experts point out, however, that it’s not a good idea to listen to these simplistic description and overlook the true value that these roofing materials can offer.


When it comes to residential roofing Dallas TX area, durability is one of the main signs that a roof you install is worth the effort. Slate roofing systems are some of the best when it comes to long term resilience and the ability to withstand the elements for many long years. Slate is great for resisting bad weather and preventing significant roofing damage during storms. You’ll find fewer tiles missing even after a big hail storm, and most slate systems come with a lifetime guarantee. It’s not uncommon for slate roofs to still be around 100 years after they were first installed.


Concrete is a great alternative to slate, and its cost is more accessible as well. Low maintenance and dependable, concrete can last for almost as long as a slate roof, and it also provides excellent thermal performance, sound resistance and overall versatility. With a concrete roof, you won’t have to worry that you’ll need to deal with many repairs, and water damage will be very rare for the most part.