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Ceramic Roof Tiles Dallas TX Roofing Materials

The temperature of the roof may be significantly greater than the ambient air temperature on sweltering summer days. Therefore, it is no wonder that, in a big city like Dallas, the heat can become unbearable…

Even outside the city, a typical roof’s ability to absorb heat on a bright and hot day raises indoor temperatures, necessitating more air conditioning, costing more to run, and causing more thermal discomfort.

The answer is a cool roof, which is built to keep the surface exposed to direct sunlight at a lower temperature than a typical roof. A cool roof’s surface radiates more heat and reflects more ultraviolet rays than a dark roof.

Are you ready to save money, save energy and cool the planet by upgrading your roof?

Almost every type of roof can be changed into a cool roof, and some can even be converted into cool roofs by adding special surface materials or coatings. In some areas, these types of roofs are already mandatory for all new constructions.

For flat roofs, the best upgrades for UV protection include TPO membrane coating or a green roof. As for high pitch roofs, the best roofing Dallas TX materials are metal shingles, ceramic and concrete tiles, as well as wood shakes. However, even a common material such as asphalt shingles can offer better UV protection if a light-colored variant is purchased.