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Roof installation is an important task in the life of your roof and of your entire home, a process that requires knowledge, experience and the right tools to perform correctly, therefore it should never be attempted by amateurs. While many homeowners think that they will be able to save money if they install their own roof, inexperienced roofers can do more harm than good – here are the risks and dangers entailed:

  • Safety issues – roofing work is performed at height, being unsuitable for anyone not used to that and dangerous, too. During roof installation, a professional Fort Worth roofing contractor wears special safety gear, such as fall arrest anchors and harnesses, non-slip shoes and helmets and they also know how to move around safely on the top of the building – something that amateurs rarely know;
  • Incorrect installation – the roof installation process is different with every material and roof type and most amateur roofers do not possess the knowledge to carry out the task correctly. Incorrect installation might not become visible right after the roofing process is complete, but it will take its toll soon, in the form of leaks and other faults;
  • Voided warranty – the manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing materials is valid only as long as the materials are installed by a professional.