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The services offered by Dallas roofers include not only repair and maintenance for existing roofs and roof installation, but consultation regarding the material choices that best suit the requirements and expectations of the client. One of the features that many people consider to be the most important when they choose their roofs is resilience, so here are some of the recommendations made by Dallas roofers for really resilient roofing materials:

  • Clay and cement tiles – clay and cement tiles confer a classic elegance to any building, but what makes them stand out is the reliability and strength in roofing Dallas TX homes. Both options are very durable, lasting for over 50-70 years and they both provide superior protection to the building underneath.
  • Metal – metal roofing components come in a variety of different alloys, including stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and zinc coated varieties. The resilient material comes in a variety of forms, from large panels to tile shaped components and shakes, therefore anyone can choose the design that best suits the features of the architecture underneath. With proper maintenance, metal roofs can easily last for over 4 decades.
  • Impact resistant shingles – while conventional shingle varieties are not really recommended for a storm prone region like Dallas, impact resistant versions work great in the area. The material is affordable and it also stands up marvelously to any storm and to hail as well.