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Yes Commercial Residential Roof Lon Smith Roofing Can Do


When you need a professional roofer for roof repairs, you need to make sure you find the right professional. That means several things at the same time: it means a contractor with a valid license and practice authorization in your states, it means a contractor with a good reputation, certified by reputable roofing system manufacturers, it means an experienced contractor who has a portfolio full of projects that you can study to see if they fit what you need, and so on.

But there is another aspect that you should take into account: if you are a residential building owner, and your house is covered by a pitched roof, you will have to look for a residential roofer.

Ok, but why? Can`t a commercial roofer also handle sloped roof repair? After all, all these professionals have the same base training, right?

Well, although the base training is the same indeed, roofers specialize in different projects and end up becoming commercial or residential. Being specialized matters a lot, because these professionals remain focused on their niche and are up to date with the latest trends, materials and methods. Besides, the experience they gain by working with a certain type of roofs over and over again is invaluable.

A residential roof is typically pitched, it can have a simple of very complex architecture and is covered with tiles and shingles. On the other hand, a commercial roof is flat and covered with waterproofing membranes. Different materials, different technologies and approaches!  For some of the best in roofing in Dallas look to https://www.lonsmith.com/.