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Question Answer Slate Roof Requirements Too Heavy Load

Slate is a classic roofing material that has been used all over the world for thousands of years and still a popular choice today. Consisting of pieces of stone cut manually, one by one, slate roofs provide unique aesthetic appeal, durability of over 100 years and all these without requiring too much attention in terms of maintenance and repairs.

Slate roofs are surely spectacular, but they are not suitable for any building. The material is the heaviest of all available roofing solutions, therefore they are not recommended for lightweight construction or for buildings that are not able to support the weight of a very heavy roof for other reasons, such as or reasons related to the condition of the building’s foundation.

Slate roofs also need special experience and expertise on the side of the Fort Worth roofing company, too. The material is strong and resistant, but it is also quite brittle and fragile, therefore the pieces of tone need to be treated gently during the installation. When it comes to taking care of slate roofs, they do not require too much care, but when they are cleaned, the person performing the tasks needs to be very careful not to step on the roof and not to damage the material with some kind of harsh method.