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roofing company leaky gutter needs fixed home

Improper roof drainage can have severe consequences – leaky gutters let water through, soaking the walls and the foundation of the building and they might indirectly cause rot and mildew to appear inside and outside the house. Fortunately, leaky gutter pipes are easy to fix and the gutter repair services offered by roofers are very affordable, too. Here is what your roofer will do to fix the issue:

  • Cleaning – your roofer will climb to the gutters on a sturdy ladder and will scrape out all the debris accumulated inside the pipes, causing clogs. The downspouts will be cleaned as well;
  • Inspection and damage assessment – when everything is clog-free, the roofer will inspect every component of the drainage system to identify the cause of the leak. Many things can lead to leaks: the fasteners used for affixing the gutters to the roof might have become loose, causing the pipes to change position and cracks and punctures are also common culprit;
  • Repair action – in the final phase, your roofer will do the necessary repairs, fastening or replacing fixing elements and replacing damaged pipe sections if necessary;
  • Recommendations – your roofer might recommend you suitable damage prevention measures for the future, such as the installation of gutter guards or gutter covers that let only water through, holding up any debris and providing protection from impact.  For roofing answers look to https://lonsmith.com/.