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The intensive development of the building materials market, which has started in the `90s, has led to a significant increase in the achievable energy standard of new buildings, demanded by both investors and legislators. Today, we are no longer just talking about energy-efficient buildings; low-energy, passive and even zero-energy buildings, with a positive balance of energy required for heating, are becoming a standard.

Being very exposed to external conditions, the roof can have a great influence on the energy consumption necessary to heat or cool a building. In this regard, you must consider installing a roof cover made of energy efficient materials.

Besides the technical properties of the materials themselves, energy efficiency also comes from the colors, insulation and ventilation, and if installed properly by an experienced Dallas roofing contractor.

The best roofing materials for energy-efficient homes in Dallas are the ones that prevent the roof from overheating, in the summer, given that the UV index is high in the area. Ceramic tiles, metal shingles, but also the common asphalt shingles in light colors will make the difference, and the energy consumption for air conditioning will decrease.

Other very good solutions include green roofs, but also the ultra-modern solar roofs, which produce the electricity you need. Apart from solar panels, now you can also opt for solar tiles.