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The roof is that part of a building that protects it from bad weather; however, there are also roofing materials that provide even more levels of protection, being fire-retardant and thus stopping the spread of the damage, when a fire emergency occurs.

The question is do we really need to fire proof our roofs? Basically, an additional level of protection is never too much, especially if you live in a region with high risk of wildfires. We all witnessed what happened, recently, in Southern California, and how extensive the damage was, so it is never too late to take some decisions that will improve the chances for your home to protect itself and survive.

Fortunately, today we have Class-A roofing materials and they constitute the best bet against fire damage.

  • Asphalt shingles reinforced with fiberglass, which is one of the materials that does not catch or spread fire
  • Clay and concrete tiles – their installation itself is able to halt the spread of a fire because they allow the air to circulate throughout the roof assembly
  • Metal roofs are typically made of stainless or galvanized steel, copper or aluminum (metals with high meting points), which allow fire risks to be mitigated
  • Slate is non-combustible and extremely resistant to heat, so it will not crack or split too easily.

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