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Roofing companies save you costs with good insulation

Heated air always rises upward, toward the highest possible point – in the case of an uninsulated attic, that point is the roof and, through it, the outdoor environment. According to the statistics, 70% of all energy bills go into heating and cooling in most households, so it is easy to see how much we all need efficient measures to keep the air that we heat with so much cost in our rooms. The best way to create a suitable energy barrier between the interior space of our building and the outside world is by adding attic insulation – here is how good insulation will reduce your energy bills:

  • Significantly reduced heat loss – attic insulation can reduce heat loss through the roof by at least 30% and that percentage will instantly translate into reduced energy bills in winter;
  • Less strain for your heating and cooling equipment – HVAC equipment uses complex sensors to detect ambient temperature and to adjust the cooling and heating power delivered. If you have an uninsulated attic, your HVAC will have to work much harder to maintain the interior temperature that your thermostat is set to and the strain might cause the HVAC to break down prematurely, incurring high repair costs. Attic insulation will reduce temperature fluctuations considerably, therefore your HVAC will not have to work so hard to keep your interior temperature at comfortable levels.  Call one of the notable Dallas roofing companies that come highly recommended to inspect your roof and attic and save money today.