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clay tile durable roofing options dallas tx

If you take a tour of Dallas, you will see that the buildings in the city use all types of roofing materials, just like in any other state. While the materials used for building roofs in Dallas are not different from the materials used in other states, local homeowners do have region-specific aspects to consider when picking their materials – here are some:

  • Strong solar radiation and heat – Texas is surely a hot state, which means that local roofs need to use materials the minimize heat absorption and can withstand UV radiation. The best roofing Dallas TX options are clay and cement tiles, highly appreciated for their insulation abilities and metal systems. The color of the roof is also important – a light-colored roof can reduce the temperature underneath by degrees and it will resist heat waves more efficiently;
  • Strong storms – Texas is an area frequently hit by huge storms and hail, so local roofs need to be able to resist impact and lifting. Clay, cement and metal are the best options in this department as well;
  • Appearance – whatever type of roofing material you are looking at, you will see that it comes in a wide range of styles. When choosing the material for your Dallas roof, pick products that are in compliance with your local building codes, your HOA covenant and that match your building’s exterior features as well.