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Asphalt Roofing Shingles Repair Fixing Contractor

A Fort Worth roofing contractor is highly proficient when it comes to performing quick, efficient and affordable repairs on damaged asphalt shingle roofs. Following are a few of the steps they might take to fix your roof:


  1. The damage first needs to be examined and assessed. Depending on what the problem is, different approaches might be needed, but the solution will be similar in each one: target the damaged component, like a piece of flashing or some broken shingles, and then get them repaired.
  2. For simple tasks like fixing a cracked or torn shingle, your roofer will simply apply a thick bead of roofing sealant under the crack as well as on top of it, to keep the shingle in place. No replacement is needed.
  3. To replace an asphalt shingle, some tools will be needed. A roofing technician will typically require a hammer, a utility knife, a pry bar and a few roofing nails. Initially, the remaining part of the broken or damaged shingle is removed with the pry bar, then the replacement shingle is added and secured in place with the help of the nails and some roofing sealant.
  4. Damaged flashing needs to be replaced as quickly as possible, so that the roof won’t leak. The damaged piece is typically removed right away along with the shingles surrounding it. Then the flashing will be set in place, after which the shingles, if undamaged, can be sealed back into place.
  5. Sometimes a quick fix isn’t enough. If your asphalt roof sustained a lot of damage and it’s already older than about 10-15 years, your roofer will likely recommend a complete replacement job.