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Helpful Tips Roof Leak Older Roof Replace Or Repair

Sometimes it’s important to admit the fact that your roofing installation is beyond fixing. The following five cases will typically yield this result, requiring the expertise of a reliable and efficient roofer, who can get your roof fixed (if it’s still possible) or entirely replaced:

  1. The roof keeps developing new leaks and the shingles or tiles no longer stick as well as they did. In some cases, even the interior structure might be impaired.
  2. You find mold in the attic and it turns out that the problem goes far deeper, reaching the underlayment and decking as well.
  3. It’s possible for the roof to have been installed improperly in the first place, in which case the years of being subjected to the elements could have already damaged it beyond repair.
  4. Depending on the material, you might see signs of rot or rust forming in more than one area. If it’s prevalent enough, your roofer will probably suggest getting a roof replacement.
  5. If your Dallas roof was damaged severely enough in a powerful storm, it theoretically could be repaired, but it’s possible that the damage will be too great to fix.

In each of these cases, it’s important to talk to a reliable Dallas roofer with Lon Smith Roofing and have your roof examined by a professional before making any kind of decision. That way, you’ll have all the information and you will be able to avoid spending money on an expensive roofing project, if it’s not needed.