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Roofing problems should never be neglected, not even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant ones, but there are some that can be extremely dangerous when left unaddressed – here are some such roofing faults:

  • Recurrent leaks – every roof can get a tiny leak occasionally, if a roofing component gets damaged by a storm, but if your roof gets increasingly severe leaks whenever it rains, the issue needs to be investigated thoroughly and fixed as soon as possible by a professional roofer such as Lon Smith Roofing in Dallas;
  • Sagging – the problem does not appear all of a sudden, but it needs to be checked out as soon as you notice it. In most cases, the only remedy is roof replacement, a costly and stressful process, but one that needs to get done without delay;
  • Extensive shingle damage – if you see buckling, curling and discolorations that affect a large part of the roof, you are facing an urgent problem. Shingles that show these signs of damage are weakened and even a mild storm can aggravate their damage to the extent that the problem will spread to the deeper layers of the roofing structure, such as the decking or the beams, so the repair should be started as soon as possible.