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When it comes to roofing, homeowners are told many things that are not true. Some “specialists” rely on the fact that people do not have extensive knowledge about roofing, while others only perpetuate misconceptions which they make the mistake of considering true.

These are 3 major roofing misconceptions you can ask your Fort Worth roofer about:

·       Your roof will last as long as it is guaranteed

Depending on their properties, roofing materials come with different manufacturer’s warranties. For example, asphalt shingles are guaranteed for 15-20 years, while ceramic tiles are guaranteed 70 years. However, your roof is not going to last that much, unless you maintain it properly.

With proper maintenance, a roof can last you a lot longer than you might expect.

·       You can get rid of growing vegetation on your roof if you purchase shingles treated against fungus and algae formation

In reality, these shingles may be effective in the first couple of years, but then, they will be completely prorated out. The warranty expires and nature will follow its course.

·       You can easily clean your shingles using bleach and a high-pressure hose

Bleach may have the power to remove moss and algae from a roof, but it will also negatively affect the cover materials, not to mention that it is toxic for people and the vegetation around the house. Using a high pressure hose would also be a mistake, because you may cause more damage than good. In the worst case, you could use a low pressure hose.  Leave your roofing needs to the professional roofers of Fort Worth at https://www.lonsmith.com/.