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Roof Safety Roofing Contractor InspectionAs the weather gets colder, a lot of jobs can become difficult or dangerous. Slippery roof tiles and shingles dislodged by strong winds can give way and lead to falls and injuries. If you’re up on the roof just doing a quick visual inspection, you might be safe when you take proper safety precautions. However, in most cases a Fort Worth roofing contractor will tell you that it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Here are the most important reasons why you’ll be better off calling in a professional to perform maintenance checks and preventive repairs  once the weather gets too cold:


  1. The freeze could set in and cause your roof to be especially slippery. If it rained for a while the week before, and then the temperature suddenly drops a great deal, the wet roof will develop slippery ice which can be very dangerous to walk on, even if you have a flat or low slope roofing system.
  2. Freezing weather could also get you sick. Being up on the roof for too long when the temperatures have suddenly dropped is a sure recipe to catch a bad cold.
  3. Finally, cold weather often brings with it strong winds which are felt to a greater extent when you stand at the top of your roof and don’t have proper support. There is a risk that, while managing DIY roof maintenance tasks, you could lose your balance and fall. So, rather than deal with that risk, it’s always best to call in the professionals, even for a small task such as clearing debris or checking for leaks.