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10 Year Gold Star Warranty
Workmanship Warranty for Roof Leaks
Includes Materials and Labor

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Good Businesses Give Back to Their Communities

We have been putting roofs on Dallas homes for a long time and we are happy to call Dallas our home. One of the reasons we love it here so much is the people and businesses are looking out for each other. That's what makes a good community; when people care about the people around them. Restaurant week in Dallas...

Planning Your Summer Garden In Dallas

Spring is upon us and many homeowners are starting to think about their gardens and what they want to grow this year. Finding the right combination of plants that look good in your garden, will do well in our climate, and will yield some fresh produce is no easy task. At Lon Smith Roofing we think those difficult tasks are worth it...

This April Check Out Some Home Tours

At Lon Smith, we have seen a lot of Dallas roofs but this is a big city filled with diverse architecture and real estate. We really can't get enough. Looking at different houses and buildings is a great way to get innovative ideas for your own house. Fortunately, we are in luck because there is a lot to see in this city...

Stunned By The Most Expensive Home In Dallas

At Lon Smith Roofing, we have been roofing Dallas homes for over 40 years and we have seen a lot of beautiful homes all throughout the DFW Metroplex. Having served our community for such a long time we sometimes feel like we have seen it all and then something comes around and takes us by surprise. The most expensive home in...


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