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melvinandjessie285-year-old Melvin and 76-year-old Jessie have been married for 56 years and have lived in Como since 1960. Five years ago, their health declined. Jessie had a stroke and now has very limited use of her left arm. Melvin has heart problems and now has a pacemaker. A couple of years ago, their foundation caused the roof to crack. With the little money they had, they were able to fix the foundation last year, but did not have the money to fix the roof. They now have a make-shift tin roof on the left side of their house, which leaks and has caused a lot of ceiling damage. Please vote for Jessie and Melvin so they can get the roof they so desperately need. “We are so excited. We’ve been waiting over three years for a new roof. We just cannot believe it’s finally happening. What a good day.” said Jessie Watts.

Lon Smith Roofing has scheduled the project for October 15th, 2014, weather permitting, with October 20th, 2014 as the rain delay date.  In celebration Lon Smith Roofing is inviting the community to join them for an Installation Celebration to kick off the project. This will be a family friendly, festival style neighborhood event and all are welcome.

“We are very pleased with the success of this initiative that has brought so many members of our community together. We are excited to celebrate with everyone who made this possible,” said Scott Hamilton.

For more information about Lon Smith Roofing, their No Roof Left Behind program and interviews with Scott Hamilton, please call 1-800-317-4791 or visit www.lonsmith.com.

ABOUT NO ROOF LEFT BEHIND: No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program that gives folks in the community a way to help their good neighbors that have fallen on hard times. The No Roof Left Behind program provides a local contractor the framework to provide a new roof at no cost to a deserving homeowner in need.

ABOUT: Lon Smith Roofing is Texas’ #1 Residential roofing company servicing Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, and surrounding markets.  From our humble beginnings in 1974, we have grown our company with the simple formula of a “Commitment to Excellence”.  Our founder, Lon Smith, believed that “No matter how good we are…we can always do better”.  That legacy survives today.  Lon Smith Roofing is committed to providing the finest roofing products and the most trusted service in the industry.

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Powerhouse Solar by DOW

Powerhouse Solar by DOW

Why This Matters: New technology that puts your roof to work! These shingles generate electricity from the sun to power your life while keeping everything inside protected from the elements. Talk to your Lon Smith A1 Certified Roofing Professional for more details on this exciting new breakthrough in roofing technology.

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One Of America’s Top Roofing Companies Lon Smith Roofing ranked as One of the Top 15 in America!

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Hail Storm Damage?

Hands holding hail storm damage hail stones Austin and Georgetown, TX homes have been hit by large hail and wind recently.  If you think your roof has damage, call us for a FREE damage inspection and estimate.  We are experts at roofing damage assessment and we work with all Insurance providers.

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