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Cedar-Park-LogoWhen you have problems with your roof, Lon Smith Roofing is the place to call. We fix every roofing problem, whether big or small, for a price that works with your budget. Our team of roofing contractors will work quickly and efficiently to fix your problems without disrupting your life for too long. At the first signs of damage, call Lon Smith Roofing to fix your roofing problems quickly and easily. When you think Cedar Park  Roofing think Lon Smith.

No one wants a leaky roof. Fortunately, you can notice the signs of roof damage before they actually become catastrophic. If you notice any damage with the shingles on your roof; including missing shingles, loose shingles, warping, or bending; call a roofing contractor at Lon Smith Roofing immediately. These may seem like minor problems, but they can quickly spiral out of control. When it comes to roof damage, it can compound quickly. What started out as a missing shingle can quickly turn into a full-fledged leaky roof that requires severe maintenance. When your roof starts exhibiting signs of damage, call one of our Affordable Austin Roofing Solutions roofing contractors immediately.